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Introduction to Kiteboarding



PHP 3,800 | 1.5 HOURS

If you are looking to test the waters and give kiteboarding a try, the Discover kiteboarding Course is just for you. Designed to give students an introduction to the equipment used and the basic concepts behind kitesurfing – you’ll get a thrilling experience of what it takes to be a kiteboarder.

In the Discover Kiteboarding Course you’ll have fun flying a trainer kite and learn the theory of “wind window”, and how to steer and generate power with a kite.

Once you have learned to properly maneuver the trainer kite, you’ll apply your new skills to flying a larger inlfatable kite in the water. By the end of the course, you should be comfortable flying an inflatable kite in the water, and maneuering the kite to generate power.

Course Content

> Kite Flying Theory and The Wind Window
> Kite Control (Trainer Kite)
> Kite Control (Inflatable Kite)
> Generating Power & Body Dragging

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