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Habagat Kiteboarding Center

Habagat Kiteboarding is your one-stop shop for your kiteboarding needs.

They offer private kiteboarding lessons by International Kiteboarding Organization  (IKO) certified instructors, kiteboarding equipments are also available for rent.

Habagat Kiteboarding Center is situated in Bolabog beach, Boracay which is now dubbed as the kiteboarding capital of Southeast Asia.

  • IKO Certified Instructors

  • Teaching on new gears

  • Advance Kite Clinics

  • Multilingual Courses

  • Hotel Restaurant

  • Chill out area

Kite Courses:

Want a thrilling day out? Discover Kitesurfing!

Have fun flying trainer kite, explore & learn the theory of “wind window”. By the end of the course you should get comfortable flying a bigger kite in the water. This is your first stage in completing the full IKO course.

Level 1

Teaching time: 3 hrs Private / 4hrs group lesson // Price: Php6400
This course starts of as the kite-flying introduction, focussing on the exercises like body dragging, upwind body dragging, water relaunching and self rescue.

Level 2

Teaching time: 3hrs Private / 4hrs Group Lesson // Price: Php6400
The goal of this course is to get you up on the board, making the powerstroke, getting up, control your speed and stay upwind.

Level 3

Teaching time: 3 hrs Private / 4hrs Group Lesson // Price: Php6400
On your third day we will focus on using your kiteflying skills; to get you up on the board and making transitions (changing directions). at the end of the course student is expected to be an independent kiteboarder!

Full Course

Teaching time 9hrs Private / 12hrs Group Lesson // Price: Php19000
This course is designed to those who are determined to be a kiteboarder. from day 1 as a begginer up to the 3rd day when student is expected to ride the board on his own.


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